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Meet Jennifer

Hello! I'm just going to be honest and try not get too cheesy. (keyword: try) I could tell you about when I got my very first camera, and how I have always had passion for photography. Or I could tell you about when I took my firstborn into some chain photography studio for newborn pictures, and I was so disappointed. Yet, that's not the real driving force behind why I do what I do.

A close friend of mine brought her daughter to me for newborn pictures. We then scheduled a session for them to take family picutres. Five days before their session, her daughter passed away. They do not have one single photo (not even on a cell phone!) of the them as a family with her husband and children. The photos my friend does have of her daughter are one of her most prized possessions! My heartbreaks every time I think of it. You see, none of us are promised tomorrow! If something were to happen to one of my children or to my husband, or even myself, I want there to be lots of photos of our lives and memories of all the joy and love we shared!

So what truly ignites my passion for photography is love and knowing that each moment in life, big or small, is a precious gift. My desire is that no one misses out on having those moments documented. In my opinion, great photos aren't technically perfect and posed but rather capture the raw emotion of the moment. I would love to get to know you better and capture some of those memories for you!